Maison People is a ready-to-wear brand for women, committed to respect for the environment and professional ethics.

100% of the collections are made from surplus high-end houses, non-compliant materials or organic materials.

The brand strives to offer a modern and elegant wardrobe, in a style that is both refined and romantic, offering the possibility for women to be themselves without compromise.

Why ?

People is an English word that translates to "people" in French. In its Latin origin it also designates a tree, the poplar. This tree has the characteristic of growing in groups and very quickly!

Today, we are all aware of the impact of the textile industry on the environment, and many poplars stand up, determined to take responsibility.

A people determined to consume differently by asking themselves real questions! Maison People joins the group to say yes to human dignity, yes environmental dignity and no to the destruction of life.


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